Aix en Provence
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Swoon-Worthy Gelato in Aix

There was a time, not so long ago, when I had seven euros to my name. Seven euros, scavenged from the bottom of purses and wallets and laundry baskets. Seven euros in coins.

(The rent was paid and I had enough to eat and I was just waiting for a money transfer to go through so don’t freak out too fast, everyone.)

The voice of my dad in my head whimpered, “Save it, please, for the love of God,” in between soft cries bemoaning my financial inaptitude.

I, however, clearly went for the logical choice : gelato.

Gelato in Europe is an art, a force to be reckoned with. The creamy swirls in rose shapes as they very quickly melt in the approaching summer heat (but, then again, this is why the gelato is necessary to begin with). On Cours Mirabeau alone, there are three shops specializing in gelato, with a slew of other options climbing the hills of centre ville.

We usually head to one of them, one of the best: Giovanni’s on Mirabeau.

With a crêperie on one side and a line of beautiful sorbets and gelatos crowding the windows, Giovanni is maybe one of the more touristy glaciers in Aix. But for three euros a cone and a perfect view of people walking up and down the city’s own (adapted) Champs Elysées, it’s hard to argue against it. Nutella is the best flavor they have, period. Closely trailing behind are the salted caramel, chocolate and stracciatella. Though, obviously, my views may be slanted by my affinity for anything with chocolate in it.

Our other favorite gelateries in Aix? Amorino when you are craving a rose-shaped swirl, or Maison Weibel for the lavender if you can catch it…though I prefer the pain au chocolats there, bien sûr.

Il faut que tu y ailles. Vraiment.♦


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