Project 20/20

my friend lauren has a “30 in 30” list of goals on her blog of things she wants to finish in the next 30 months. I expanded the project to include both near term and long term goals, hoping to finish them by march 2020, when I turn 30. some may be crazy, but I’ve got time do deal with that. or change it when you aren’t looking.

near sighted (2014)

  1. run a half-marathon (actually run it, unlike my 5K in september) I kind of did this…
  2. learn calligraphy (working on it…read my post here)/how to handletter
  3. write at least once a day
  4. learn to say no! this one is tricky and may be better suited on the far sighted list. I have been unsuccessfully working on this for years.
  5. finish the e-book I have been working on for two years (sigh) and the actual book I have been working on for one year
  6. read 52 books in one year (does not have to be jan-dec)
  7. create & master a delicious new recipe
  8. visit a new U.S. city read about New Orleans here and here!
  9. take a Skillshare class
  10. meet one of my role models (I have tickets to see Robert Osborne in March! eeek!)  Read my posts about meeting BJ Novak and Robert Osborne!

far sighted (beyond 2014)

  1. move & live abroad follow my adventures in Aix! …& become fluent in the language of the people! more than just going to the grocery store/talking about literature
  2. get a masters (in what is TBA)
  3. be published in a national magazine
  4. move to a different US city
  5. get a new job (one that uses my degree skillset, preferably) read about what I am doing now in France here
  6. learn a skill well enough to teach it to someone else as it turns out, I already had a skill valued worldwide – read about my experience teaching English in France here
  7. learn css/master html
  8. be stronger and more flexible (physically. helllooooo yoga. while we’re at it, let’s try to get this whole meditation thing down, too)
  9. rent & decorate my own apartment  it’s small but it’s mine! see my apartment in Aix here

so here’s to 30 and to 2020. may the odds be ever in my favor!


  1. Carly says

    Every one of these items is perfect! You will tackle each one by the big 3-0 i KNOW IT!

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